Thursday, 26 January 2012

Jathebandia.... What's our problem?!

Honestly, if we're attaching ourselves to Jathebandia before we've even taken Maharaaj Jee's Amrit, you know we've got a problem :|

First and foremost, you're a Sikh of the Guru.

If someone asks what you're representing with your Bana and your Dastaar, and you reply with the name of a Jathebandi, there's something wrong.

If you're associating different Bania and different Granths with Jathebandia, there's something wrong.

If you label people with the name of a Jathebandi by judging the way they tie their Dastaar or the kind of Bana they wear, or by what Sangat they have or what Shastar they carry, or by the way they do Kirtan or Simran, there's something wrong.

If you haven't yet given your life to your Guru by taking Amrit, but you're marching around calling yourself AKJ or Taksali or Nanaksari or a Nihang or whatever else, there is seriously something wrong.

Every Jathebandi makes Sikhi flourish... they all have something to offer. But as soon as we use them to break up the Khalsa Panth, we forget what the bigger picture really is.

We forget that we're all united as the Khalsa under our true Guru.

That's our problem.

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