Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bleeding Wounds... 1984

My heart hurts at this time of the year. 28 years ago Harimandir Sahib (the Golden Temple) and Akaal Takht was desecrated by the Indian Army. They surrounded the complex, and no one was allowed in or out - no attempt was made to reduce the loss of innocent human life. The white marble floors were stained red, washed with blood, the sarovar (water tank) was coloured a deep crimson. The walls were embedded with bullets, the structures crumbled, dead bodies littered the complex. Innocent pilgrims - men, women and children - were shot and killed in cold blood. Their crime? Coming to remember the Martyrdom of the Fifth Sikh Guru, coming to worship, to love, to be at peace. The most beautiful, peaceful, holy place in Punjab was invaded by tanks and armed soldiers, it was showered with bullets and grenades, it was turned into a battlefield for the government to take out their fury... and hundreds of innocent Sikhs were mercilessly caught in the crossfire. Tell me, is a three year old child a terrorist? Is a 90 year old woman a terrorist? Is every man in a Turban a terrorist? Congratulations, India, for letting the real terrorists run free. Vaheguroo ♥

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