Saturday, 27 October 2012

When the clocks go back.

Warning: Before you read this, if you were expecting an intelligent analysis or opinion on something historical and Sikhi related, click your little 'back' arrow thingy in the left hand corner of your browser, because this is not the case. This is genuinely about British time change!
 So clocks are going back tonight. I'm trying to think about all the numerous various scenarios that could occur regarding Indian functions tommorrow, but it's all far too complicated! 
You have to consider old time, new time, AND Indian time! 
Most Indians will forget to change their clocks, so most functions will carry on at old time, so an hour early new time, but people show up an hour late anyway so they'll be an hour late old time, but on time for new time. Unless of course, someone remembers to change their clocks... then that'll mess everything up! :P Some not-so-Indian Indians may go by new time, but still be Indian enough to follow Indian timing, and end up being two hours late for functions that were held on old time! But at least they can argue that they're only an hour late new time, and therefore on time for new time Indian time ;] And if some clever bandar holds their function on new time, people who go by old time will actually turn up on time, or perhaps even an hour early if they choose not to follow Indian timing!
But of course, the real problem is when clocks go FORWARDS... then everyone shows up an hour late old time and two hours late new time, so if the function is held new time, and you are an average Indian, you are doomed. They might just go by new time and be an hour late due to Indian timing, or they'll go by old time and not stick to Indian timing so again only be an hour late, but face it, most will be two hours late. And mate, if you show up on time for new time, no Indian timing, I can guarantee no one will be there! :P I'd complain about the problems caused regarding getting one hour's extra sleep/ one hour's less sleep, but frankly, if you're Indian, you'll probably fall asleep at the function anyway...

I have just successfully given myself a headache! :P
I didn't even consider the fact that some people my think time is going FORWARDS! Oh gawddd! Then by some combination of the above factors some people may actually end up being THREE HOURS EARLY!! Or maybe three hours late? Honestly, I'm not so sure anymore :(
You need to put four timelines next to each other - old time & clocks going forwards & clocks going backwards & indian time. Then you can see how they work in relation to each other and in relation to REAL new time. That way all of this would probably make sense, and you'd be able to work out how many hours early/ late someone would be if they thought the clocks were going forwards lol.
If you do attempt this great feat, remember that as well as the confusion regarding what the actual time is, there's also always confusion regarding people predicting what time the function will be held with regards to time change... very complicated, I know!! Good luck!

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