Sunday, 13 January 2013

Mata Bhaag Kaur and the Chaali Mukhte

If one woman could persuade 40 men, who had completely given up, to go back to a battle in which they knew they would die, and even lead them into that battle herself, and take the honour of becoming the bodyguard of the Tenth Master himself, then what is there that a Singhni cannot do?

If 40 Singhs could be so scared that they even wrote a letter to their Guru saying that they are no longer His Sikhs, be so desperate to give up, and yet still return to battle, fight courageously, redeem themselves by becoming Shaheeds, and with their final dying breath beg for forgiveness from their Guru, and be forgiven, then what is there that a Singh cannot overcome?

The Khalsa has no limits. Our history shows us that we have no limits. No matter how far we fall, we can be picked up. No matter what mistake we make, we can be redeemed. No matter how small we are, we can do great things.

Dhan Dhan Mata Bhaag Kaur Jee. A woman who inspired 40 Singhs who had deserted their Guru to return to battle. A woman who led 40 Singhs into battle herself. The female bodyguard of Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaaj Himself. A woman who could stand up to anyone.

Dhan Dhan Chaali Mukhte (Forty Liberated Ones) who redeemed themselves in the highest possible way by giving Shaheedi fighting for Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaaj at the Battlefield of Muktsar. 


(1). Bhai Bhag Singh
(2). Bhai Dilbag Singh
(3). Bhai Mann Singh
(4). Bhai Nidhan Singh
(5). Bhai Kharbara Singh
(6). Bhai Darbara Singh
(7). Bhai Dyal Singh
(8). Bhai Nihal Singh
(9). Bhai Khushal Singh
(10). Bhai Ganda Singh
(11). Bhai Ishmer Singh
(12). Bhai Singha
(13). Bhai Bhalla Singh
(14). Bhai Suhel Singh
(15). Bhai Chamba Singh
(16). Bhai Ganga Singh
(17). Bhai Sumer Singh
(18). Bhai Sultan Singh
(19). Bhai Maya Singh
(20). Bhai Massa Singh
(21). Bhai Sarja Singh
(22). Bhai Sadhu Singh
(23). Bhai Gulab Singh
(24). Bhai Harsa Singh
(25). Bhai Sangat Singh
(26). Bhai Hari Singh
(27). Bhai Dhana Singh
(28). Bhai Karam Singh
(29). Bhai Kirt Singh
(30). Bhai Lachman Singh
(31). Bhai Buddha Singh
(32). Bhai Kesho Singh
(33). Bhai Jado Singh
(34). Bhai Sobha Singh
(35). Bhai Bhanga Singh
(36). Bhai Joga Singh
(37). Bhai Dharam Singh
(38). Bhai Karam Singh
(39). Bhai Kala Singh
(40). Bhai Mahan Singh

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