Wednesday, 5 June 2013

We should forget 1984, 'ey?

The people saying "forget 1984", "the constant reminders aren't helping anyone", and "the Sikh community should move on" are missing the point entirely.

When a major crime is committed, does the victim let the criminal get away with it, and let them walk free? Or does the victim seek justice?

When a child dies, does the mother seek comfort in her memories, and share her feelings, or does she throw all her photos away so she doesn't have to remember? Does she forget that her child ever existed, just so she can 'move on'?

Would anyone dare tell the Jewish to forget the holocaust, because it's stopping them from 'moving on'? Because the 'constant reminders aren't helping anyone'? Because 'it's a thing of the past'? Or will they help raise awareness so that it never happens again?

The Indian Government wants us to forget because they know they're guilty... they don't want to be known as the criminals that they are. Indians want us to forget because they don't like their country being criticised, and frankly, they don't care unless it happened to them.

If injustices are swept under the carpet, no one will know that injustice still exists. If no one knows it's happening, then it'll happen again. Fact.

And for the clueless idiots saying that the reminders are "reopening healed wounds", you make my blood boil. The wounds were never healed.

29 years on. Still no justice. Never forget 1984.

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