Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Taus & Dilruba

The Taus (Persian for peacock) was invented by Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji (some say by Guru Gobind Singh Ji). It is said that Maharaaj Ji saw a peacock and wanted to create an instrument in honour of it's beauty and to try and mimic it's beautiful, musical voice.

During Guru Gobind Singh Ji's time, the Singhs approached Maharaaj. They said that travelling on horseback meant that it was impractical to carry and play the large, heavy Taus. They asked permission for the Taus to be adapted into a smaller, lighter, more practical instrument. This was called the Dilruba, meaning heart stealer.

These instruments were given to us by our Gurus as the perfect tool for combining Raag Vidiya and Gurbani to create a deeper understanding of Bani through Kirtan. If we Sikhs can't keep our own instruments and heritage alive, then who will?

Hopefully we will restore and keep up these puratan traditions, and with Maharaaj Ji's Kirpa perhaps it will become common for the Taus and Dilruba to steal our hearts in Maharaaj Ji's Darbaar once again! :]

Note: A humble benti - please do not re-post or reproduce these photographs without permission.

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